Our commercial challenges

We are proud to be able to offer all our customers a wide range of energy solutions that enable them to reduce their energy consumption and ecological footprint. Our priorities for 2018: providing more customers with renewable energy, continuing to grow in energy solutions and returning to the highest level of customer satisfaction, thanks to our new Customer Relationship Management tool.

Henri Buenen, Chief Commercial Officer

Energy efficiency of companies

Considering the environmental impact of certain types of electricity production and of fossil fuels, the energy consumption of companies represents an important challenge in both environmental and commercial terms. The potential to save energy is particularly high in Belgium. Offering various services to companies to enable them to better understand their consumption components, and then to modify their installations to reduce their bills, is a priority for EDF Luminus. It is a way to generate more revenues and improve the company’s reputation. Beyond added efficiency strictly speaking, offering alternative energies also allows customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Continuity of delivery

An unexpected interruption in the supply of gas or electricity could have direct consequences on the health and wellbeing of individuals, on the security of industrial installations, on the continuity of public services, and even on the country’s economic performance.

EDF Luminus contributes to the country’s supply security in multiple ways; customer flexibility is promoted, while natural gas-fed plants, which are very flexible, play a key role in the production/consumption balance.

NB: the English version of this report does not include the sections focused on residential customers. To access those sections, go to the French or Dutch versions