An “Efficiency Box” to reduce consumption peaks and costs for industrial customers

Since December 2017, the first Efficiency Box has been operating at the site of a customer in the wood industry, as part of a pilot project.


The device, which was tested and validated in an industrial environment, reduces consumption peaks and costs associated with these peaks, which can be very high.


The innovative system, which won the Power to Innovate competition organised by EDF Luminus in 2016, enables customer consumption profiles to be analysed and adapted, and their grid costs to be reduced


Thanks to an innovative algorithm, the Efficiency Box anticipates energy consumption peaks and cuts them off instantly. This implies that some of the consumption sources at the customer site can be stopped until lower-consumption times.


In the pilot project, peaks could be reduced by 1,400 kW by completely shutting down a flexible unit.


This project was designed, analysed, tested and installed thanks to a collaboration between EDF Luminus and its subsidiaries ATS and Vanparijs.