More about the GRI report

A GRI report, to meet the expectations of stakeholders

We published our first report complying with the recommendations of the GRI (Global Reporting Imitative) in 2015. This demanding standard requires that:

  • the topics covered be the subject of a formalised consultation process with the stakeholders, described in the report (see pages 14-16 in the 2015 report; 11-13 in the 2016 report, and the “Stakeholders” chapter in this on-line report);
  • Each topic determined to be a priority by the stakeholders be addressed in a rigorous way: a description of the issues and the internal processes, stable publication of the key indicators, taking into account the evolution of the results, preferably over three years;
  • Each indicator be compared, if possible and relevant, to the sector results.

The yearly publication of this report contributes to the “exceptional” rating of our societal performance, with a score of 85/100 in 2017, according to the company EcoVadis.


At this time, EDF Luminus remains the only player in the Belgian energy sector to demonstrate this level of transparency.