Highlights 2017

Construction record windmills, three years without accidents with lost time, exceptional social performance according to the company EcoVadis, new acquisitions, new service offers ... the highlights of 2017 are countless. Discover them below!

Construction record windmills

30 windmills built in one year

EDF Luminus strengthens its position as market leader in onshore wind energy. In 2017 30 windmills were built, a record!

The amount invested in wind energy in 2017 amounts to 58 million euros. This considerable effort translates into an increase in wind energy production of almost 20% in 2017, which accounts for 17.5% of Belgian wind energy production

In 2017 almost 20 new license applications were submitted to the competent authorities.

Source: EDF Luminus.

Three years without accidents with lost time

In 2017, EDF Luminus did not have any work-related accidents with lost time for the third year in a row. This is the result of a continuous effort by everyone to make safety a top priority at work and elsewhere.

In 2017, the total number of training hours spent on safety was 7 039 hours (or an increase of 26%, compared to 5 579 hours in 2016).

Frequency of accidents with lost time

Source: EDF Luminus.

An exceptional social score according to EcoVadis

With 90/100 for the environmental aspect, 90/100 for HR practices, 70/100 for business ethics and 70/100 for responsible purchases, EDF Luminus still achieves the highest marks awarded to companies in the energy sector.

  Source: Ecovadis.

Luminus Arena soon carbon neutral stadium

Already 50% of the emissions have been reduced thanks to activities in 2017

EDF Luminus and KRC Genk have been working together since 2016 to make the Luminus Arena CO2-neutral by 2020. In 2017, the first two phases of the work were carried out.

Newelec joins the EDF Luminus Group

New acquisition in energy solutions

On May 30, 2017, EDF Luminus acquired a majority share in the capital of Newelec.

This SME of 150 people, mainly active in Wallonia and Brussels, specializes in electricity and industrial electrical engineering.

Windmill cooperative

Increase in number of cooperative members: + 38%

The cooperative EDF Luminus Wind Together, founded on 8 March 2016, counted more than 1 500 members on 31 December 2017, or an increase of 38% compared to the end of 2016.


Since its foundation in 2016, the cooperative has raised 3.5 million euros in total.


The cooperative aims to involve Belgian citizens more closely in the development and operation of its wind energy projects.

Acquisitions in 2017

Newelec in May

Poelaert-Peterman in September

Gezel II in June

Insaver in October

New offer 2017

The My Luminus app evolves

Efficiency box

Home batteries

Decentralized flexibility

The highlights of the year (video)

The transformation of EDF Luminus as a service provider continues.

Ethical, ecological, social ... More than 20 highlights are covered in this video. Development of wind energy, management of consumption, measures for biodiversity, and so on.

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