The social challenges

Safety, health and wellbeing at work remain priorities for us. It’s our people that make the difference!

We co-create new ways of working, in a friendly environment in which each person can develop their potential.

Katleen Daems, Corporate Director, Human Resources.

Health & safety

Professional activities represent both an asset and a risk for health. Occupational risks affecting the health and safety of employees vary according to their profession.


They are not the same in an industrial, administrative or business environment. Reducing the risks associated with the work environment or with individual behaviour is a priority, to safeguard the safety and health of staff.

Quality of life at work

Wellbeing at work directly influences employees’ motivation, performance and capacity to innovate.

It’s a key issue for companies that wish to attract employees ready to develop their full potential.


Continuous development of skills is absolutely necessary in a sector that is fast evolving, both technologically and commercially. The company must simultaneously maintain skills in its traditional business lines and develop new skills in its new business lines. This requires identifying key posts/profiles, attracting new talent and retaining the best-performing people.


Employee diversity, in all its forms (skills, experience, age, gender, culture, etc.) is a source of innovation and better adaptation to the needs of customer. It is also a continuous focal point, in order to promote team work.

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