The diversity of all personnel, in all its forms (competences, experience, age, gender, culture, etc.) is a source of innovation and ensures that we can adapt better to the expectations of the customers. It also remains a point of attention for promoting teamwork.


For EDF Luminus, diversity in the workplace is an enriching factor that promotes innovation and adaptation to the expectations of our customers. Our collective success, “all together”, is even one of the company’s three fundamental values, along with “customer first” and “entrepreneurship”.


The internal Code of Conduct reflects the provisions of the law of 10 May 2007, which forbids discrimination on the basis of age, sexual orientation, marital status, birth, wealth, religious or philosophical beliefs, political or trade-union membership, language, current or future health status, disability, physical or genetic characteristics or social origin. Various indicators are being monitored in order to better adapt, if necessary, certain actions to the concerned audience.


Managerial diversity: Event of 8 March

Almost every year since 2012, EDF Luminus has brought together the women in the highest positions in the company annually to identify their specific needs, as leaders and managers.

The 2017 event was a mixed assembly that welcomed Inge Woudstra, author of "Be gender smart”, to learn about the behavioural differences most often observed between men and women. Whether seeking popularity or hierarchical status, cooperation or clear direction ... awareness of the differences contributes to improving collective performance.


Gender distribution of all personnel

The women represent 41% of the staff of EDF Luminus, a figure that is significantly higher than the average of the actors in the energy sector (around 25%). Women made up 33% of management, an increase of 7%..


It should be noted that the overall proportion of managers to total personnel was 46.9% in 2017, an increase of 4% and a sign of the strengthening skills and increasing responsibilities of employees.

  Gender distribution of all personnel (%)                      

Source: EDF Luminus.

Paternity leave

Almost all (96.4%) male personnel took the entirety of the paternity leave (10 days) to which they were legally entitled. This indicator ensures that the EDF Luminus culture encourages a healthy work/life balance.

Persons with disabilities

EDF Luminus employs two people whose disabilities require an adaptation of the working environment.


Outside of recognised disabilities, individual measures have been put in place for each person who experiences specific difficulties (desk configuration, type of vehicle, etc.)

Nine nationalities

Nine nationalities were represented within the company on 31 December 2017. (next to expats).


Belgian employees represent 95% of the total. French, Italian and Dutch employees represent 3.5% of the total workforce.

Age pyramid: near-parity up to 45 years

Source : EDF Luminus.

The evolution of staff by age (see the 2016 sustainable development report, page 65) showed a reduction in the male-female gap for all categories, except the over-55 group.


Amongst male employees, all age groups went down slightly, except for the over-55 group, where workforce increased by 12%.

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