Health and safety


Reducing the risks associated with the work environment or individual behavior is a priority to safeguard the safety and health of staff.


Professional activities are at the same time an asset and a health risk. The occupational hazards for the health and safety of personnel vary according to the profession. The risks are not the same in an industrial, administrative or commercial environment.


Since 2010, EDF Luminus has had a complete management system of health, safety and the environment.


Risk analyses have been carried out for all of the worksites and most of the professional situations. The causes of each accident or near-accident are analysed in detail to progressively eliminate the material causes and to limit the cultural causes (ignorance of rules, negligence, etc.)


EDF Luminus S.A. has been certified OHSAS 18001 since June 2013. This certification is based on the continuous improvement and systematic reporting of a number of indicators.

Highlight: 0 lost-time accidents

In 2017, EDF Luminus S.A./N.V. reported no lost-time accidents in the workplace, amongst internal employees. This achievement was the result of every person’s continuous efforts to make security the number one priority, at work and elsewhere.


For Philip Volckaert, Director Health, Safety, Environment & Real Estate Management, "The role of management is key. The safety results are the first item on the agenda at every Board of Directors meeting. The frequency of accidents that result in a work stoppage is taken into account in the bonus calculation for the Executive Committee and management. Each of them is thus encouraged to do everything necessary to avoid accidents.” 


* accidents resulting in a work stoppage of more than 1 day



Frequency rate of accidents resulting in lost time

The frequency rate represents the number of accidents leading to incapacity per million hours worked

  Overall severity rate

The overall severity rate is the number of working days ‘lost’ due to workplace accidents per 1 000 hours worked.


Source: EDF Luminus.

In 2017, EDF Luminus had no lost-time accidents. The frequency and severity rates were therefore zero for the third year in a row. By way of comparison, the frequency rate for the Belgian energy sector was 3.6 and the severity rate was 0.93 in 2016.


Among subcontractors, two lost-time accidents were reported, for a frequency rate of 3.3, compared to 1.4 in 2016. These two accidents occurred with our wind subcontractors, on the Floreffe and Dessel worksites. The first concerned a sprained knee, and the second concerned a thumb injury while installing barriers. In total, four days of work were lost: a low severity rate. Following these accidents, the EDF Luminus Wind Project and Health and Safety teams met with the subcontractors of these projects in October 2017 to discuss safety at the sites concerned.

Hours of safety training increased sharply

In 2017, a total of 7,039 hours were dedicated to safety (an increase of 26% compared to the 5,579 hours recorded in 2016).


This increase was primarily due to the increasing number of training sessions given by managers during team meetings. In 2017, 3065 hours were dedicated to these awareness campaigns for health, safety and the environment, compared to 1,321 hours in 2016.

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