Staff figures

Slight decrease in number of EDF Luminus employees

The number of employees dropped (-3.5%) due to cost reduction measures. The hiring rate slowed (-27%), while departures increased (+52%), due in particular to:

  • the actual retirement of several employees who accepted voluntary special leave in the past few years;
  • the laying off of several employees in departments whose cost structures had to be significantly reduced. An outplacement service was set up to assist them in finding new employment.
  Employee movements          

The total workforce includes part-time and fixed-term contracts as well as employees who have accepted the voluntary special leave negotiated in 2013, compensated by EDF Luminus. 

Source: Social balance sheets 2015-2017. 

Increase in EDF Luminus group employees

In 2017, the number of employees of the Group’s subsidiaries active in the energy services increased, reflecting the dynamism of this sector.


ATS and Dauvister in particular increased their workforces, 13% and 23% respectively, while EDF Luminus Solutions, which specialises in energy performance contracts, grew its workforce by 59%.


In total, the Group’s workforce increased by 16%, new acquisitions including.

A large majority of permanent contracts (95%)

The number of fixed-term contracts remained low (2.37% of the total workforce).

The number of people hired on temporary contracts remained stable (2.53% compared to 2.88% last year).

  Types of contract (%)                     

Source: Social balance sheets 2015-2017. 

19% of staff work part-time

In 2017, the percentage of employees working (voluntary or contractual) part-time was 19% of the total workforce.


Men made up 18% of the part-time workforce, compared to 13% last year. The number of women working part-time decreased slightly (-5%) while the number of men working part-time increased (+43%).


It should be noted that nearly all (96.4%) of male employees take all of the paternity leave (10 days) to which they are entitled by law.


Part-time employees on December 31, both on a contractual and voluntary basis


Source: EDF Luminus.