Solidarity: key highlights


Two associations rewarded

Launched in 2011 during the European Year of Volunteering, the We Love Your Project programme rewards the associations in which EDF Luminus colleagues are involved.

This competition, organised every two years, encourages each person to invest themselves as a volunteer to support a cause that is close to their heart. In 2017, two associations were recognised: TYN Academy & JACK.

Patrick Pools won the employee award for his involvement in JACK (Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga/Young Animals Confiscated in Katanga), which was launched in 2006 in Katanga (Democratic Republic of Congo) to protect chimpanzees, notably by creating a sanctuary, which today hosts around 50 of the large apes that were victims of illegal trafficking.

The contribution of EDF Luminus will be used towards the purchase of a generator to ensure the energy autonomy of the veterinary clinic.

The jury also recognised Said Mellouli for his involvement in the TYN Academy (Talented Youth Network), a Belgian association that helps young Brussels residents from disadvantaged neighbourhoods by giving them tools to approach the future with greater serenity and self-confidence. The jury appreciated his personal involvement and the sharing of his expertise with the young people.

Staff members ran 180 000 km!

Globetrotters programme continues and evolves

Thanks to the physical efforts of its employees, EDF Luminus gave 1 800 trees to the Jane Goodall institute through its 2017 Globetrotters programme.


Launched in 2014, Globetrotters is a platform on which employees can register their physical activities. These are then converted to kilometres.


In 2017, this programme, which promotes physical exercise by employees, supported the cause of the Belgian Jane Goodall institute. For each 100 km recorded on the platform, EDF Luminus committed to offering a tree for the institute’s “Forest in One Day” initiative. The goal was to achieve at least 180,000 km before the end of the October, in order to offer one tree per employee, but the goal was already reached by the end of August.

More than 20 people took part in the Brussels 20K to support the “Run for Parkinson’s” foundation, which finances research into treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Marketing Team Building with children in residential care

On 29 August 2017, the Marketing department went to the Monte Rosa institute in Leuven, which houses 50 children placed there by order of the court, as part of its team-building day.


For the past two years, this day has not only been an opportunity to strengthen relationships between colleagues, but also to get involved in community life.


The members of the marketing team helped tend to the institute’s large garden. Then they organised and ran a big game for the children, aged 1 to 17, and prepared a barbecue for everyone. The goal of the day was to create a magical moment for the children, so that they had a nice holiday experience to share when school restarted.

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