Quality of life at work


Well-being at work has a direct impact on the motivation, performance and innovative capacity of the staff. It has therefore become an important point of attention for companies that want to attract employees who want to fully develop themselves.


Top Employer label for the 6th consecutive year

The Top Employer label is awarded each year to a limited number of companies by the independent Top Employer Institute, which evaluates in particular HR management procedures and working conditions.


This label is not only an indicator of a favourable work environment throughout the year - the employer’s continuous improvement approach is an integral part of the evaluation criteria.


The improvement of the score in 2017 can be traced in particular to the implementation of the People Forum, an internal entity within EDF Luminus, composed of nine members representing the various departments, and five members from the HR department. The goal of the People Forum is to facilitate internal mobility of management, by identifying cross-departmental opportunities and the most suitable profiles, as well as any poor performances and collective improvement paths.

New ways of working: real progress at Hasselt

The “Power2You” program, intended to foster employee autonomy and creativity and to facilitate remote working, was continued in 2017, with the transformation of workspaces rented on the Corda Campus site, in Hasselt.


The new “brainstorming” space, on the Hasselt site


The “do not disturb” space, where silence is key

A new workspace, created in close consultation with staff

This new workspace is the result of a collective reflection of around 20 employees from the Hasselt site, who met several times to design the new offices that are better adapted to the new ways of working. These pioneers played a vital coordination role for their 200 colleagues, to ensure that the needs of each person were taken into consideration.


The workspace has been redesigned and subdivided according to the tasks carried out in each: individual work that requires maximum focus, management of group projects, informal exchanges between a superior and a team member, a brainstorming space to stimulate creativity, etc.


The “flex desks” have been standardised to reduce the occupied space and the energy consumption.


“At the Hasselt site alone, nearly 3 000 hours were spent on training and consultation,” explains Marlies Eyckmans, who is in charge of strategic Human Resources projects. “It was necessary to take into account the goals of the teams, the day-to-day organisation, the professional and personal constraints, the equipment needed, etc.”


Katleen Daems, Corporate Director HR at EDF Luminus: “When we reorganised our offices in Hasselt, our teams were our number one focus. Happy employees make happy customers. The ‘Power2You’ program incorporates our 3 company values: customer first, entrepreneurship and all together.”


Employee engagement at 78%: very stable results

Employee motivation is one of the indicators monitored very closely by company management. It is measured each year using a survey conducted by an external agency.

The results of the 2017 survey, carried out in September, showed stable results for engagement compared to 2016, with an employee engagement score of 78%, above the average in Belgium (74%): the same as in 2016. The participation rate for this internal survey increased slightly again: 85% in 2017 compared to 84% in 2016. The results will be analysed, as always, in each department to develop action plans adapted to the specific needs of each team.

Confidentiality counsellors: a recognised and heavily used network

Confidentiality counsellors, whose appointment must be approved by the social partners, play an important preventive and curative role. They can be called upon anonymously, by simple request, by both employees and managers, in case of psychosocial difficulties (disagreements, stress, harassment, violence in the workplace)


At the beginning of the 2010s, EDF Luminus management determined to appoint a diversified network, in terms of gender, language, hierarchic level and geographic location. The current network remained well above the legal requirements and even grew in 2017 (nine people instead of one);


Through the various internal information tools, all personnel are regularly informed of the names of the confidential advisers to whom they can turn. In December 2017, the Safety Message of the Week, which is sent to all personnel on a weekly basis, was specifically about the available help in situations of stress or psychosocial workload

In December 2017, the weekly Security message sent to all personnel focused on the assistance available in situations of stress or psychosocial difficulties at work. The number of appeals in 2017 rose (+19%), a sign that this first level of warning is working well. Several factors may have contributed to this increase: the relocation of the commercial teams in Liège, the reduced workforce in B2B and IT, and the changed IT tool in Retail.

Incidents reported to the confidential advisers

Source: Annual report of the internal service for prevention and protection at work.

Two formal requests for intervention were made in 2017 with internal or external psychosocial prevention counsellors. The first concerned an individual request made in August 2017. The investigation carried out by the Provikmo agency concluded with two types of recommendations: the first focused on 2 persons, and the second recommended a collective action on conflict management and the handling of rumours. The second instance was a formal, joint request made in December 2017, initially regarding a control room employee on the Seraing site. A global action plan is being drawn up to improve the quality of the relationships between employees in the Production department.

 No formal complaint was made to the competent authorities in 2017.

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