Innovate and invest

One highlight of 2017, in addition to the record wind turbine construction, was the continuation of our acquisitions in the energy services field. The range of services offered to customers, throughout Belgium, again broadened this year.

Pierre de Firmas,

Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer


With the decrease in consumption and the decline in margins in the company’s traditional business lines, the strategy of EDF Luminus is to grow in the areas of energy services and renewable energy.


Innovation is one of the keys to a company’s development, especially in a sector where customer expectations are significantly changing. Technological progress is continuous, at all levels: environmentally friendly energy sources; more economical infrastructure; fast, practical and efficient digital tools that enable consumption to be measured, monitored and reduced, etc.


To adapt to its environment and create its new approach, EDF Luminus must thus continuously innovate and acquire new skills.


In 2017, several acquisitions strengthened the range of services offered to both residential and business customers:

  • in May, EDF Luminus acquired a majority share in the Newelec group, specialised in industrial electricity and electrotechnics;
  • in June, our subsidiary ATS acquired the company Gezel II, specialised in the installation of HVAC systems (more information)
  • in September, our subsidiary Dauvister took over the activities of heating specialist Poelaert-Peterman sprl, very active in Walloon Brabant and Brussels (meer informatie, plus d'infos)
  • in October, EDF Luminus acquired a 51% share in Insaver, an SME specialised in insulation, solar energy and battery systems.

In 2017, EDF Luminus also launched an “innovation accelerator”, #Next, to generate innovative business ideas, quickly test them and get them to market. Seven volunteers worked for #Next in 2017.

Acquisition of Newelec

Newelec, company specialised in energy efficiency services in Wallonia, joined the EDF Luminus group.

Insaver joins the EDF Luminus group

Insaver, an SME active in energy efficiency services in Flanders (batteries, insulation, etc.) was acquired in October 2017.

E-mobility: 25 rapid charging stations installed in 2017

Inauguration of a network of 25 rapid recharge stations in Q8 stations and at Decathlon sites.

EDF Pulse Award for the "boiler online" project

EDF Luminus received an EDF Pulse award for its "your boiler quote in under 10 minutes" innovation.

Start-it @ KBC

EDF Luminus is the first large company to join the “Corporate Incubation Program” of Start-it @KBC.

First 100% energy autonomous public building in Belgium

Inauguration of new energy installations in the nature centre of the German-speaking community.


104.3 million euro invested in 2017, over half in wind energy

In 2017, EDF Luminus investments were 104.3 million euro, 58 million of which were dedicated to wind energy, equalling more than 55% of the investments made.

30 wind turbines were built on the sites of Floreffe, Dendermonde, Tournai, Ciney 3, Kallo 1, Lochristi1, Leuze, Kallo 2, Estaimpuis, Dessel and Lochristi 2. To date, this is a record building rate in Belgium.


Total investments in renewable energy, with the continuing renovation of the hydro-electric plant of Ampsin, were 59.2 million euro: 57% of the overall total.

Outside renewable energy, investments were also made in:

  • acquiring companies specialising in energy services (Newelec, Insaver),
  • increasing the capital of E-NosVents, EDF Luminus Solutions and Wind Together, for an amount of 10 million euro.


  Investments in millions of euros                          

Source: EDF Luminus (standard BEGAAP). 

The apparent decrease of investments observed above is due to :

  • the acquisition of ATS, a 600-person company, in 2015;
  • the start of several wind energy worksites in 2016 which were finalized in 2017.

Tax cuts for innovation

Based on its 2017 Research and Development initiatives, EDF Luminus received a reduction in payroll taxes of 3.15 million euro.


The tax savings from the 2017 investments in renewable energy are estimated to be 8.64 million euro.

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