A network of 25 quick charging stations for electric vehicles

On 11 December 2017, the vice-minister-president of Flanders and minister for budget, finance and energy, Bart Tommelein, inaugurated in Ostend the new network of 25 quick charging stations for electric vehicles, installed by EDF Luminus. 18 charging stations were installed in Q8 stations and on seven Decathlon sites.

By selecting strategic locations along highways and expressways, EDF Luminus has designed a charging network that covers all of Belgium and links the major cities.


The EDF Luminus fast-charge stations are accessible for all types of electric vehicles thanks to the multi-standard plugs. The latest-generation stations can charge two vehicles simultaneously. With a charge capacity of 50 kW, they can provide an 80% recharge of the battery in 30 minutes.

From left to right: Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO EDF Luminus, Bart Tommelein, minster of budget, finance and energy, Geert Leppens, Senior Manager e-Mobility & Smart Cities EDF Luminus, Johan Vande Lanotte, mayor of Ostend, Koen Vankelst, Operations Director Q8, and Krista Claeys, Echevine of the city of Ostend, inaugurate the new recharge station in a Q8 station in Ostend.

This partnership with Q8 and Decathlon is part of the UNIT-E programme financed by the European Commission, with the support of the federal, Walloon and Flemish governments, that aims to stimulate electric mobility. The 25 quick recharge stations installed by EDF Luminus are part of a European network of 300 such stations near European highways, to enable drivers to go from Italy to the United Kingdom in an electric car.


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