The first 100% energy autonomous public building, thanks to Dauvister

The nature centre of the German-speaking community, “Naturzentrum Haus Ternell”, is acting as a pioneer in energy issues. This is the first public site in Benelux to be autonomous from the energy grid and to provide for its own heating needs.


Previously supplied with electricity by an old, 5 kilometre-long high-voltage line, which was too expensive to maintain, the centre opted for a cogeneration system, supported by other energy efficiency systems. This economical and sustainable solution allows simultaneous production of heat and electricity with a single installation.


Specifically, EDF Luminus subsidiary Dauvister installed on the site of the Ternell house:

  • a cogeneration unit of 9 electric kVA and 20 thermal kW (fed by gas from a 2400 litre reservoir), that enables simultaneous production of heat and electricity
  • 60 260-Wc photovoltaic panels with a maximum power of 15 kVA;
  • A 70-kW wood pellet boiler with a 9.2-ton silo;
  • 24 storage batteries with a power of 160 kWh;
  • A 4,000-litre hot water buffer tank;
  • A 20-kVA power generator.

All of these technologies are controlled by remote management and monitoring screens to oversee the performances of the various components.


The installed solutions have proved to be very economical, as the installation cost two times less than the replacement of the high-voltage line.

The nature centre of the German-language community, the first 100% energy autonomic public building in Belgium.

The cogeneration unit installed in the Ternell house.