Key Figures 2017

  Ethical indicators
  0 alert of the EDF Group Ethical commision
  0 purchase warning
  1 action plan of the current supplier
  5 internal audits

Exceptional EcoVadis score: 85/100

Social performance: the average score of 35,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis is 42.5.


The leading wind and water power company in Belgium

  30 new wind turbines built
  + 25% wind power installed 
  561 GWh produced wind energy
  173 GWh produced by hydropower
  333 000 tons CO2 avoided* thanks to our renewable electricity production in Belgium
  59 M euro; invested in renewable energy
  0 environmental incident

* compared to a steam gas turbine emitting 456 kgCO2/MWh (Walloon region reference

Wind turbines built on 31 December

Source: EDF Luminus.

  Customer satisfaction

Access points

Source: EDF Luminus.

Sale of gas: 14.8 TWh

Sale of electricity: 13.6 TWh

  +43%Net promoter score new services
  4 101 MWh solar energy installed with our customers

Signed service contracts on 31 December

Source: EDF Luminus.

     +7,5% service contracts
  * * * * * customer service

  Economic performance
   3,02 billion euro turnover              
  - 21,5 million euros net result                                        
  38,2 million euros in taxes and charges              
  Human resources

No accident in three years

  accidents with lost time
  41 % women/span>
  9 nationalities
  946 employees EDF Luminus NV
  2 061 EDF Luminus "Group" employees
  78 % motivation degree
  57 %internal promotion

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