Stakeholder dialogue

Our commitments

The 2017 version of the social responsibility policy of EDF Luminus includes a specific commitment for stakeholder dialogue.


""We identify and address our environmental and social issues in a responsible way. We take certain CSR commitments beyond the applicable laws and standards. These are discussed openly with our stakeholders. We monitor and evaluate our CSR performance, and report on our progress each year.”


This commitment is a formalisation of actions put in place since 2012, following the publication of the first EDF Luminus sustainable development report.


With the publication in 2015 of a report in compliance with the GRI4 (Global Reporting Initiative - guidelines 4) recommendations, subsequently with the GRI standard in 2017, EDF Luminus continues to take further steps in providing information to stakeholders.

The context

The EDF Group is committed, within the context of its Ambition 2030, to systematically organising,  everywhere in the world, an approach of dialogue and consultation, in a transparent way open to all views, for each new project.


In Belgium, the law requires consultation with residents via public inquiries. In Wallonia, the organisation of a public hearing is required for the installation of any wind energy park with a power above 3 MW.


In addition, EDF Luminus has been measuring the societal expectations of its customers since 2012.

EDF Luminus published its first materiality matrix in 2015.


Each year, EDF Luminus highlights in its sustainable development report the principal events that have enabled it to meet with certain stakeholders directly

Social barometer

Materiality Grid

2017 meetings

Key figures

Public-private partnerships for developing renewable energy

After the creation of the association e-NosVents in 2016, which is 60% held by EDF Luminus and 40% by ELSA, a second public-private partnership was established in 2017: the creation of the company “ActiVent Wallonie » with intercommunal entities IPFH, IEG and Sedifin. The purpose of this partnership is the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects in Hainaut and Walloon Brabant.

The EDF Luminus Wind Together cooperative has more than 1 500 members

EDF Luminus Wind Together cooperative, created on 8 March 2016, counted more than 1500 members on 31 December 2017: a 38% increase compared to the end of 2016.

The purpose of this cooperative is to involve Belgian citizens in the development of renewable energy.

Agreement with the Walloon Region on the management of the Meuse runoff

On 24 November 2017, EDF Luminus and the Service Public Wallon signed a collaboration agreement, aimed at optimising the management of the flow of the Meuse and of the Sambre in the Walloon region. This agreement will contribute to the continued operation of the seven hydroelectric plants run by EDF Luminus.


Compulsory and voluntary public meetings

A possible quantitative indicator for evaluating dialogue with external stakeholders is linked to the organisation of public meetings.

In 2017, 11 compulsory public meetings were organised, 10 of which were held in Wallonia.

Eight voluntary meetings were organised in 2017, six of which were held in Flanders.