Meetings and relations with stakeholders in 2017

Inauguration of the Tournai-Ouest wind park

On 22 September 2017, EDF Luminus and ELSA, the energy branch of the regional development agency IDETA, inaugurated a new wind farm, the result of their partnership, in the future economic zone of Tournai Ouest 3.


The partnership between EDF Luminus and ELSA resulted in the creation, in 2016, of the company e-NosVents, which is 60% held by EDF Luminus and 40% by ELSA.

The commissioning of the eight-wind-turbine farm, with a total power of 17.6 MW, will prevent the emission of 20,000 tons of CO2 per year (compared to a coal-fired plant). The electricity produced is currently being injected into the distribution system.

More than 500 people were present for the inauguration.



Inauguration attended by (from left to right): François Desmaré, Senior Manager Expert Wind, Marie-Christine Marghem, federal minister for energy and sustainable development, Xavier Leblanc, Wind Business Director, EDF Luminus, Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO EDF Luminus, Olivier Bontems, Director Equipments, Participations & Energy IDETA), Rudy Demotte, prime minister of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, and mayor of Tournai.

Inauguration of the Katoen Natie wind park

On 14 December 2017, EDF Luminus inaugurated six wind turbines on the Loghidden City site of Katoen Natie in Kallo, attended by Kris Peeters, deputy prime minister and minister of employment, the economy and consumers.


This is one of the largest projects ever carried out by EDF Luminus on an industrial site.

The six wind turbines, 185 meters tall and with a power of 3.2 MW each, will prevent the emission of 22,000 tons of CO2 per year (compared to a coal-fired plant) – the equivalent of the energy consumption of 13,000 households.


This was not Katoen Natie’s first experience with wind energy: in 2016, EDF Luminus installed two wind turbines on one of the company sites, in Beringen.

Visit to one of the six wind turbines during the inauguration. From left to right: Kevin De Muynck, Wind Asset Manager, Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO of EDF Luminus, Kris Peeters, deputy prime minister and minister of employment, the economy and consumers, Fernand Huts, CEO of Katoen Natie, and Kurt Dupon, Projects & Engineering Director, Katoen Natie.

From left to right: Frank Schoonacker, Director Corporate Affairs, Kurt Dupon, Director Katoen Natie, Kris Peeters, deputy prime minister, Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO, Fernand Huts, CEO of Katoen Natie and Frederik Snoeck, Corporate Director Production EDF Luminus.

Sound and light show during the inauguration of the six wind turbines at Kallo.

Wind Day party at Tourpes

On 16 June 2017, EDF Luminus organised an "afterwork" at the Tourpes wind farm, for Global Wind Day 2017.


More than 350 people were present for the event, whose global goal is to increase the awareness of local residents to the importance of renewable energy.

Around 400 people attend the inauguration of Héron

On 29 September 2017, EDF Luminus inaugurated the new Héron wind farm, comprised of three 2.5 MW wind turbines.


The energy production of these three turbines will prevent the emission of just under 7,800 tons of CO2 per year (compared to a coal-fired plant), which is the equivalent of the annual consumption of 4,500 households.


Following the inauguration, EDF Luminus organised an “afterwork” for residents and local players. Nearly 400 people were present, and had the opportunity to visit a wind turbine and learn about renewable energy sources and their characteristics.

From left to right on the first row: Chrystelle Debève, Wind Project Officer, Marie Marchal-Lardinois, President of the CPAS de Héron, Achille Lorent, former mayor, Eris Hautphenne, mayor, Xavier Leblanc, Wind Director at EDF Luminus.

Spark e-day at Francorchamps: EDF Luminus customers share their experiences


On 17 November 2017, EDF Luminus participated in the Spark E#Day in Spa-Francorchamps, an event dedicated to electric mobility in the city of tomorrow.


Throughout the day, conferences were organised with keynote speakers including Bertrand Piccard, inventor and pilot of Solar Impulse, and Alejandro Agag, founder of the Formula E international championship.


During the panel on “How to integrate sustainable energy solutions in your enterprise’s development strategy?”, several EDF Luminus customers and subsidiaries shared their efforts in terms of energy efficiency, and renewable energy in the development of their organisations.

For Groupe François, Benoit Helsemans, Research, Development and Communications manager, explained the path to achieving complete autonomy with renewable electricity. He also highlighted future renewable energy projects developed together with EDF Luminus, and their challenges. For Benoit Helsemans, « The modernisation of the regulatory framework would really help with the energy transition. We would like to create a company microgrid.”

Eric Browaeys, Site Director at UCB (left) and Benoit Helsemans, Research, Development and Communications manager for Groupe François (right), take part in a discussion panel on energy efficiency.

The ambition of UCB is to achieve CO2neutrality by 2030, in order to lead change, rather than submit to it. This challenge is achievable, as UCB already uses 92% renewable electricity. For Eric Browaeys, Site Director at UCB, "Energy efficiency is the engine of growth. Any reduction in CO2 emissions is a reduction in costs."


Newelec and Dauvister, subsidiaries of EDF Luminus, also enriched the discussion with their experiences in energy efficiency.

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