Agreement with the Walloon Region on the management of the Meuse flow

On 24 November 2017, EDF Luminus and the Service Public Wallon signed a collaboration agreement, aimed at optimising the management of the flow of the Meuse and of the Sambre in the Walloon region. This agreement will contribute to the continued operation of the seven hydroelectric plants run by EDF Luminus.


EDF Luminus has the right to run six hydroelectric plants on the Meuse and one on the Sambre, which represent a large part of Walloon hydroelectric capacity. The Walloon administration manages several run-of-the-river dams - 15 on the Meuse and 19 on the Sambre – and must ensure water levels that allow navigation.


The goals for the agreement signed in November 2017 include, in particular:

  • maximising the production of renewable energy
  • improving the predictability of flows and electrical capacity
  • ensuring the most stable flows possible in order to preserve the quality of the water and better protect the environment.

All of this contributes to ensuring the continuity of the hydroelectric sector in Wallonia.


In concrete terms, the agreement includes the drafting of a protocol for regulating flows for the seven shared sites, based on a simulation and forecasting tool approved by the technical committee. The parties will keep each other informed and will coordinate their actions for daily operations, maintenance planning and contingency management.


The signing of this agreement is part of the context of the second sustainable development strategy adopted by the Walloon government on 7 July 2016, aimed at the development of renewable energy sources, and the 2016-2019 infrastructure plan adopted by the Walloon government on 21 January 2016.