The EDF Luminus Wind Together cooperative has more than 1 500 members

EDF Luminus Wind Together cooperative created on 8 March 2016, counted more than 1500 members on 31 December 2017 : a 38% increase compared to the end of 2016. 

The purpose of this cooperative is to involve Belgian citizens in the development of renewable energy.


Any natural person domiciled or residing in Belgium and any legal entity established in Belgium can acquire up to 24 shares, with a nominal value of 125 euro.

Wind energy cooperative: 4.4% dividend granted in June by the general assembly

The first general assembly of the EDF Luminus Wind Together cooperative took place on 6 June 2017, at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre in Brussels. The assembly decided to grant a 4.4% dividend to its 1,151 members for their investment in green, locally produced energy.


The cooperative was created by EDF Luminus in 2016 with the goal of involving citizens in the development of its wind energy projects.

New subscription of 12 December 2017    


On Tuesday 12 December 2017, a third tranche of shares worth 2 million euros was offered for subscribing. Via this third tranche, the members of the cooperative shares can acquire in the wind farms of Lochristi and Floreffe.


In 2017, 432 new cooperatives invested an amount of 806,000 euros. Since its foundation in 2016, the cooperative has raised 3.5 million euros in total.


Lochristi wind farm

The Lochristi wind farm (2,35 MW), commissioned in November 2017.

Floreffe wind farm

Three new wind turbines were built at Floreffe in 2017. One of them was financed by the cooperative.